The Requisite Bio Page

(That's bio as in "biographical" not bio as in "bioinorganic")

Gotta love that Margarita!

I have, unfortunatly, never have the time to compile a complete bio. Here is a little bit about me though...

I am a native-born Californian.  I am a Gemini.  I am old enough to enjoy ethanolicious beverages.

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Radiochemistry program at UNLV

As you ought to be able to see, I have an intersest in Science Fiction, Recreatonal Shooting, Stamp Collecting, Politics, and various other minor compulsions such as Music, Art and (of course) ethanolicious beverages.

I am currently trying to wean myself off of my "political" addiction, but am still involved with YAF, am Treasurer of the California Republican Liberty Caucus.

There's probably a ton of other stuff, but I'll get around to that when I can...

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