I am currently a Post-Doc in the radiochemistry program at...


I received my Ph.D. in Chemistry at UC Irvine in 2007, working under William J. Evan's Research Group, which specializes in Lanthanide chemistry.  The Evan's group is top notch and the Graduate program here ain't half bad either.

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I graduated in June 2000 with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Accounting -- and did it in only four years (Gasp! graduate in 4 years?!). The Chemistry program was pretty good here (I especially like the labs where they have to tell you "Keep that reaction COLD or else it will EXPLODE!") and has some very cool professors and department staff. The Accounting minor here was excellent due in large part to the Professors who actually know what they are talking about!

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It kicks a** (specifically U$C's) to be a Bruin!

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