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I'm a life-long lover of flags, and a member of the North American Vexillological Assocition.

Learn the wisdom of Frank Herbert's Dune

Behold! The mighty poiuyt!

I was the Editor for Enigmata, the publication for Enigma, the UCLA Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Club.  Vol. 9 (the Volume that I edited) is now on the web! Click below to my handywork!

I also enjoy, when I can, music.  My interest is rather eclectic and ranges from Metal to the Blues -- from Blugrass to the Carmina Burana.  A good place to find FTP sites all full of music is at Oth.net.
  In the past, I used to play the Bass Guitar, but have been out of practice for a while now.

I also have an appreciation for art, particulary Art Nuveau.  Alphonse Mucha is a paragon of graphic artists.  Other excellent art includes Pre-Raphaelites and such artists as Maxfield Parrish, Slavador Dalí,M.C. Escher and Edward Gorey

I've just gotten around to update the stuff on this web page, so any (constructive) suggestions would be welcome!

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