Science Dalek Fiction

I am a big Sci-Fi fan.

I am currently a member of the Vegas Sci-Fi Association and SNAFFU.  Also check out the Sci-Fi center in Vegas!

I am a Past-President of Enigma, the UCLA Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Club. They're open to thsoe who want to have some good Sci-Fi fun. Enigma really is pretty cool and a great way to have fun.  I am also a former member of Cal Animage Epsilon.

I am also into Live Action Roll Playing games. As geeky as this may sound, it is actually very fun and I've played characters ranging from a god and a Diety of Law and Order to a Roman senator!

Whenever I have a spare minute or two, to read up on some good Sci-Fi lit such as Harry Turtledove, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft,(for more Lovecraftian fun, check out Cthulhu Lives),Issac Asimovand a plethora of others.                          

Despite the vast amount of crud on TV now-a-days, there are some good shows that are still being made, such at Stargate SG-1.  The Star Trek (well...not including the more annoying series...), Blake's 7 and Babylon 5 are a few of the many old standards which are worth taking a look at.

Doctor Who is another standard which I've enjoyed for decades.  The Doctor Who Guide has enough 411 to make you stuff Ferrets into your pants, while the Nitro 9 webstie has enough fan goodies to melt you brain like Morbius.  Of course, not listing of Doctor Who sites would be complete w/ out a Quotes Page

Recently, I've been getting into manga and anime.  There are some good ones like Patlabor, Gunsmith Cats, Gunnm, Cowboy Bebop, and Perfect Blue, among others.  TheJazz Messengers is a good site on Cowboy Bebop.

To top it all off, there's a crud-load of Dune Quotes!

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