Politics can be Murder!

My Political Involvement

So many stories...so much fun.  Though I ain't going to tell all the fun little things, here's a little outline of my fun...

I really got started in politics through the College Republicans. I was Chairman of the UCLA Bruin Republicans (the BR's) several years ago. At UCLA, we've had to deal with the loopy actions of the student government, which has until recently been dominated by the Praxis/Students First! that spent it's time demanding the Chancellor break the law and institute discrimination (i.e. Affirmative Action).  Often the BR's were the only ones to oppose them. In '98, we ran the only slate against them (Sanity '98) and broke their slate monopoly! We've fought on campus in support of the CCRI (Prop. 209) and equality of treatment.  The BRs also started weekly trips to the gun range to excercise our 2nd Amendment rights, which even got us a front page article in the Daily Bruin (UCLA's student newspaper)!  Back then I even ran for student body President of USAC (Undergraduate Students Association Council) as an independant. I didn't have the plethora of funds that the slates did, nor could I take advantage of of campus campaign rules and simply campaign under a slate name. Though I got far less then the other candidates, I got more votes per Dollar spent then any other candidate in a contested race, and I got a chance to tell it like it is to those race-obsessed, power-hungry wackos.

This was also when I got involved in Young Americans for Freedom.  I was chair of the UCLA YAF chapter and serve on the California YAF state board.  Of the YAFish things I did, the one that I was most proud of was when Carnesale became the new Chancellor of UCLA.  The Affirmative-Action nuts demanded that the new Chancellor implement Affirmative Action, which was illegal thanks to Prop. 209, but he said that would have to obey the law.  Predictibly, the Affirmative-Action nuts staged a childish temper-tantrum (i.e. a protest).  So, a friend and myself stood infront of the police barricade and simply smiled while holding up the American flag.  The Affirmative-Action nuts wend wild and ranted about how Old Glory was a "NAZI" flag and other nonesense.  They showed themselves to be the rabid morons that they are.

I ran for state Senate back in 2000, and that page is still up for all to oogle my quixotic quest!  I am a member of the CRP (California Republican Party) central committee (i.e. a "Blue Badge"), and got the party to pull their endorsement of a proposition on the convention floor.

Recently, I've been involved in the Republican Liberty Caucus and am currently serving as state Treasurer.

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